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The recommended way of working with pyxie as a user is via ubuntu packages. The recommended way of working with the source is via a github checkout, and using "make devloop" to check what things are like when installed on a debian based system. (That way things are always checked from within a package) Pull requests welcome.

However these modes of working won't suit everyone so below is a bit more detailed than that!



Installation from source:


Usual approach - get the source, then:

sudo python install


Usual approach - get the package:

sudo pip install pyxie

Debian Package

Again get the source, then:

make deb
make use

(Requires py2dsc to be installed)

Also, you can purge what's currently installed and build a fresh clean package and use that by doing this:

make devloop

Ubuntu Packages

Ubuntu versions

Ubuntu packages are built for Ubuntu LTS versions:

The following versions of ubuntu are also backported/forward ported to: 16.10 (yakkety) 15.10 (wily) * 15.04 (vivid)

Utopic and other versions aren't here because launchpad can't generate those trivially, largely because Ubuntu cease support after given time periods

Getting them

You can grab them from my PPA here.

Add my PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sparkslabs/packages


sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get install python-pyxie


$ pyxie

pyxie -- A little python compiler

    pyxie -- show runtime arguments
    pyxie --test run-tests -- Run all tests
    pyxie --test parse-tests -- Just run parse tests
    pyxie --test compile-tests -- Just run compile tests
    pyxie --test parse filename -- Parses a given test given a certain filename
    pyxie parse filename -- parses the given filename, outputs result to console
    pyxie analyse filename -- analyses the given filename, outputs result to console
    pyxie compile path/to/filename.suffix -- compiles the given file to path/to/filename
    pyxie compile path/to/filename.suffix  path/to/other/filename -- compiles the given file to the destination filename

Updated: October 2016 (with release 0.1.23)
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