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Subject to change :)

Python has evolved over the past 20 years. Earlier versions of python were still python, even though they had less features. Versions in the future will still be python, even though they'll be more capable. Pyxie must therefore come across as "A 'little' python", in terms of if you look at it does it look like subset of python, rather than a different language.

To define that subset, you can say "What things, if they were missing from pyxie, would mean it wouldn't really be a little python?"

For me the starting point on that list is:

This leaves lots of things that people use which might well be left out:

This is still an awful lot of work so the real guiding principles are:

These items are up for discussion, which is why they're here, not in the language-spec

Updated: July 2015 (with release 0.0.14)
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