Restarting Python Northwest. 24th Sept

September 14, 2009 at 11:36 PM | categories: python, oldblog | View Comments

A few people will have already noticed some small comments about this, but we're plotting to restart python northwest. Specifically, we're restarting this month.

  • When: Thursday 24th September, 6pm
  • Who: Who can come? If you're reading this YOU can (assuming you're sufficiently close :-)
    More specifically anyone from beginners, the inexperienced through deeply experienced and all the way back to the plain py-curious.
  •  What: Suggestion is to start off with a social meet, and chat about stuff we've found interesting/useful/fun with python recently. Topics likely to include robots and audio generation, the recent unconference, and europython.

How did this happen? I tweeted the idea, a couple of others seconded it, the David Jones pointed out "it easier to arrange for a specific 2 people to meet than it was to e-mail a vague cloud of people and get _any_ 2 to meet anywhere.", so that's where we'll be.

If twitter feedback is anything go by, we're hardly going to be alone, so please come along - the more the merrier :-) Better yet, please reply to this post saying you're coming along!

More generally, assuming this continues, pynw will probably be every third thursday in the month, maybe alternating between technical meets and social ones. (probably topic for discussion :-)

Please forward this to anyone you think may be interested!

See you there!

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