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Many thanks to Ben Ford for the heads up and release of their code using kamaelia that accesses amazon web services.  His blurb from the email:

Ben Ford wrote:
I've set up a googlecode project with access to the code I've written
to interact with Amazon Web Services here:  http://code.google.com/p/kamaelia-aws/.
I've set up source control here: http://freehg.org/u/ben/kamaelia-aws/.

It's my first time using kamaelia so I'd love to hear any feedback on
the code. Feel free to use it, and let me know what you think.

And from the two links:

Concurrent access to AWS

This project came about when we needed to integrate SQS and S3 into our web application.

It's released here to share with the community in the hope that it's useful and for anyone familiar with kamaelia to pick apart, or use for demo purposes.

What does it give you?

We have several components at varying levels of abstraction.


Components to handle passing json messages into and out of SQS


Components to upload to S3, download from S3 and delete from S3.

At higher levels we have a few Graphline based components that integrate various different components with a logging module

Assuming no major issues, planning on that going in 0.7.0, due in mid november, mirror to trunk probably this weekend :-)

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