Kamaelia Talks at Pycon UK, September 12-14th Birmingham

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My talk suggestions have been accepted by the committee [*] and so I'll be giving the following two talks at Pycon UK:

Practical concurrent systems made simple using Kamaelia

This is a talk for beginners who want to primarily get started with using Kamaelia (probably to either make building systems more fun, or because they want to explore/use concurrency naturally). The full abstract can be found here:
This is the short version: This talk as a result aims to teach you how to get started with Kamaelia, building a variety of systems, as well as walking through the design and implementation of some systems built in the last year. Systems built over the past year include tools for dealing with spam (greylisting), through database modelling, video & image transcoding for a youtube/flickr type system, paint programs, webserving, XMPP, games, and a bunch of other things.

The other talk:

Sharing Data & Services Safely in Concurrent Systems using Kamaelia

Again, this covers stuff most people have found they've needed to know something about after using Kamaelia for non-trivial stuff for a few weeks. (essentially how to use the CAT & STM code) The full abstract can be found here:
The short version for that: Whilst message passing and "shared" nothing systems like Kamaelia simplify many problems, sometimes you really do need to share data. (eg a single pygame display!) Unconstrained concurrent access to data causes problem, so Kamaelia has two problems: 1) How do you provide tools that enable access to shared data and services, 2) Do so in a way without making people's heads explode?  I'll be using the Speak N Write code to illustrate that.
[*] This won't be/shouldn't be a shock since I'm on the pycon UK committee, but I don't take things for granted :-)
There's also masses of great talks lined up, and the first batch of talks put up already that I'm interest in (scheduling allowing :) include:
  • Stretching Pyglet's Wings
  • How I used Python to Control my Central Heating System
  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Python In Commercial Applications
  • Getting Warmer with Python - Python's role in helping "solve" global warming.
  • Python in Higher Education: One Year On
  • PyPy's Python Interpreter - Status and Plans
  • Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services
  • Distributed Serpents: Python, Peloton and highly available Services
  • Open Source Testing Tools In Practice
  • py.test - Rapid Testing with Minimal Effort
  • ... and naturally lots more though :)

I'm also particularly looking forward to the keynotes by Ted Leung (Sun, previously OSAF) & Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu, Canonical). I've not heard Ted speak before so that'll be interesting in itself, however I've heard Mark speak twice before and he's a great speaker.

There's also plans afoot for a BOF discuss people's gripes with python's packaging systems, and the need for things like an easy_uninstall. More BOFs welcome of course.

If you've not signed up, go take a look at the talks list and see part of what you're missing :-)

(yeah, I'm excited, but why not? It's exciting :-) )

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