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Going to BBC Mashed? Want to go? (a few are tickets left) Interested in one of these : {Kamaelia, Python, Concurrency, Multicore, DVB, Building network systems, Pygame Based Systems, Audio/video based} ? If so, please come along to the talk! If there's a clash, don't worry, I'm starting a page called GetMashed which will contain at least some starting points which I'll cover. (It's not the same as seeing it for yourself though :)

The talk is at the start of the weekend intended to get you started with all of those things. As well as the session itself, a new release of Kamaelia is in the works with the first Beta/Release Candidate made available to an unsuspected world. What's going in the release?
  • Well, the usual slew of extra components and bug fixes
  • A variety of new tools - from video shot change detection, through to SMTP greylisting
  • Multiprocess & hence multicore support (experimental at this stage, but so far so good :) )
And a large number of extra components - this is actually a lot more than I originally expected/anticipated. However they're divided into two halves - new components and components from applications merged into the repository. (the latter means that you can take parts of random Kamaelia applications and embed them in other random Kamaelia applications. As a result: New Components:
  • Kamaelia.
    • Chassis
      • Seq
    • Codec
      • WAV, YUV4MPEG
    • Device
      • DVB
        • SoftDemux
        • Parse
          • ParseEventInformationTable, ParseNetworkInformationTable, ParseProgramAssociationTable, ParseProgramMapTable, ParseServiceDescriptionTable, ParseTimeAndDateTable, ParseTimeOffsetTable, PrettifyTables, ReassemblePSITables
    • Experimental
      • Chassis, ERParsing
    • File
      • MaxSpeedFileReader, UnixProcess2
    • Internet
      • TimeOutCSA
    • Protocol
      • MimeRequestComponent, RecoverOrder, SDP
      • AIM
        • AIMHarness, ChatManager, LoginHandler, OSCARClient
      • HTTP
        • Handlers
          • Minimal, Handlers/SessionExample, UploadTorrents
      • IRC
        • IRCClient
      • RTP
        • NullPayloadPreFramer, NullPayloadRTP, RTCPHeader, RTPHeader, RtpPacker, RTP
      • Util
        • Tokenisation
          • Simple
        • Collate, FirstOnly, Max, OneShot, PromptedTurnstile, RangeFilter, RateChunker, SequentialTransformer, Sync, TagWithSequenceNumber, TwoWaySplitter
      • UI
        • Pygame
          • Text, VideoSurface
      • Video
        • CropAndScale, DetectShotChanges, PixFormatConversion
      • Visualisation
        • ER
          • ERLaws, ERVisualiserServer, ExtraWindowFurniture, PAttribute, PEntity, PISA, PRelation
      • XML
        • SimpleXMLParser
Components merged in from Apps:
  • Kamaelia
    • Apps
      • Compose
        • BuildViewer, CodeGen, PipeBuild, PipelineWriter, GUI
        • GUI
          • ArgumentsPanel, BuilderControlsGUI, TextOutputGUI
      • IRCLogger
        • Support
      • Show
        • GraphSlides
      • Whiteboard
        • Audio, Canvas, CheckpointSequencer, CommandConsole, Entuple, Options, Painter, Palette, Router, Routers, SingleShot, TagFiltering, Tokenisation, TwoWaySplitter, UI
All of this also totally ignores the new examples & new Kamaelia based apps.
Also a new website is coming soon, but time ran out :-)

So given all that, session details:
What: How to get started hacking with Kamaelia  - making concurrency fun, easy & useful
When: 12:15 - 12:45, 21 June 2008
Where: Garden Table area at Top West Hall, Alexandra Palace, London
Who: Me - Michael Sparks :-)
Why: To help people get started with hacking Kamaelie
How: One part presentation, two parts tutorial, lightning talk style and a note of "this is what I look like, come find me!"
More detail:

How to get started hacking with Kamaelia - making concurrency fun, easy & useful with Michael Sparks

Kamaelia is an open source project from BBC R&D. It makes prototyping new and interesting systems simple. Kamaelia systems are naturally concurrent and transform easily into production quality, maintainable systems.

It is useful for things from 3D systems through building PVRs through video playback, through shot change detection, through P2P distribution (live and bit torrent), through whiteboards, handwriting/gesture recognition, speech generation, and games systems, and back through DVB on both the reception side and broadcast side, and lots more not mentioned...

This talk will introduce Kamaelia, helping you get started - complete with a new release to boot!

Discussion Thread in the forum

(12:15 - 12:45) - 21 Jun 08
Garden Table area at Top West Hall

Download iCalendar: How to get started hacking with Kamaelia

GET MASHED (Link Kamaelia site)

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