Peace and Goodwill?

December 02, 2015 at 08:50 PM | categories: politics, sadness, peace, war, notinmyname | View Comments

Peace and Goodwill?

You don't make peace by using bombs. You don't bring people around to your perspective by killing their family, their friends and children. Did bombing paris make us like or sympathise with ISIS? No. Will bombing Syria make the Syrians (and anyone in ISIS who happens to get hit) sympathise with our views? No.

Furthermore, while these fanatics (in ISIS) have no more right to call themselves representatives of muslim, anyone who supports bombing innocents in Syria is equally a fanatic, and simply don't deserve respect from anyone, let alone power. The people in Syria are people. So, let's be blunt. Bombing innocents in Syria, is Bombing innocents. Bombing innocents in the hope you might get a couple of bad guys is NOT the way forward.

Also, how many of those voting in favour of bombing, or calling for voting in favour of bombing will in this and coming weeks call for "peace and goodwill to all mankind" (religious or not - I'm not, but I like the message) in the form of christmas cards and so on? If they do vote in favour of mass murder and killing, it is #notinmyname

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