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So, I created a PPA for my home projects - either things I've written, or things I use. ( link to launchpad ) Anyway, I use Ubuntu 14.04LTS, primarily for stability, but making things available for more recent versions of Ubuntu tends to make sense.

To cut a long story short, the way you can make packages available for later distributions is to copy the packages into those distributions. Obviously that will work better for packages that are effectively source packages (pure python ones) rather than binary packages.

The process is almost trivial:

  • Go to your PPA, specifically the detail for your packages.
  • Hit copy and select the packages you want to copy into a later ubuntu distribution
  • Select the distribution you wish to copy them to (eg Vivid for 15.04, etc)
  • Then tell it to copy then over the packages.

And that's pretty much it.

As a result, you can now get the following packages for 14.04.02LTS and 15.04 from my PPA:

  • pyxie - A "Little Python" to C++ compiler. Very much a WIP. Supports Arduino as a target platform. (WIP)
  • arduino-iotoy - IOToy interfaces for running on arduino (STABLE)
  • python-iotoy - Python library for working with IOToy devices - local and remote - and publishing on the network. (STABLE)
  • guild - My new Actor library. (Pun: An Actor's Guild) (STABLE)
  • guild.kamaelia - when "done" will contain a collection of components that were useful in Kamaelia, but suitable for use with Guild (WIP)

Older libraries there:

  • axon - Kamaelia's core concurrency library (STABLE)
  • kamaelia - Kamaelia - a collection of components that operate concurrently (STABLE)
  • rfidtag - A wrapper around TikiTag/TouchaTag tags. (Has a binary element, unknown as to whether will work on 15.04 - let me know?!) (STABLE)
  • waypoint - A tool for allowing opt-in tracking at events - for example to allow people to pick up a personalised programmer after the event. (STABLE)

Libraries/tools by others that I use:

Found this from this helpful post on stack overflow

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