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My inner 10 year old who saw the original Ghostbusters at the cinema says: GO SEE GHOSTBUSTERS. IT IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL

Seriously, I was utterly obsessed with ghostbusters as a kid, and this so much more amazeballs. Utterly funhilartasticdoaiousness. GO SEE IT

They turned the dial up to 12 with Ghostbusters. It's that good.

I Ain't afraid of no ghost! Fan. Bloody. Tastic. Best Ghostbusters EVER!

If you loved the original, this was better ! If you liked the sequel, this stomps on the statue. The series? @straczynski should be proud.

I really cannot rave about how much I liked Ghostbusters. I was literally dancing in my seat in the end credits. It was that bloody awesome.

Rated 12/10 by inner child.

In case it's unclear - I think it's possible to misconstrue my previous comments, so to clarify...

Yes, I liked it. A lot. A really lot,so amazingly lot it can't be described how much I liked it. I liked it that much. You might think a cup of hot chocolate made with the finest belgian chocolates (and a drop of courvoisier) topped with hand whipped extra thick double brandy cream, teeny marshmallows on top, then with the finest dark chocolate lightly grated on top, with a dark chocolate spoon to stir the drink sounds pretty awesome, but believe me this is SOOOOO much better.

Go. See. Ghostbusters.

If you don't like it, rethink your entire value system. Once you do, and realise just how utterly amazingly awesome it is, it will be so utterly worth it. It's That good.

This has been brought to you by me bouncing around the seat at the cinema, in the car on the way back and ever since getting back home.

And yes, I even have the book of the original film. Still. This is amazingly so much better.

But did I enjoy it?

Oh soo soo bloody much :-)

There was a moment in the film when I just thought "OMG. This is actually better than the original"

And I was 10 when the first one came out and utterly obsessed.

I used to draw the logo, like, all the time

I wrote a review for it at school

I even read out a passage at school when we had to read out a passage from our favourite books from it

I mean NO ONE obsesses like a 10 year old can.

Some properly creepy moments to make small children jump too, and some things which were just so... Well. I don't want to spoil anything. :-)

Let's just say I'm pretty certain the original cast would have loved it :-)

If you need help to convince someone to go, I'm a walking talking advert

I went in with a clear assumption "let's go in assuming they'll do good" after having made sure I'd seen some things over the past year or two with the two main actresses in, and thought "I can see this working". And if you've not seen them "identity thief" and "bridesmaids" are great films.

It's had so much hate on the internet as well in the weeks and months leading up to the film too based on the trailer. Which is really sad. But I now am certain it says more about the haters than the film. I hope the haters go see it and enjoy it - they'll be better people for it(!).

I have never literally danced in my seat in the cinema before - but with this I did. It was utterly, utterly, perfect.

It's a film that's made with so much love, and so much irreverence. :-)

Go see it, you won't regret it.

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