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October 09, 2011 at 10:42 PM | categories: blogmeta | View Comments

Well, after playing around with a bunch of different blog engines, I've switched hosts from to, and switched blog engine from a home grown file based one to a file based one which works the way I'd want a blog engine to work if I had the time and desire to write one - Blogofile.

I've migrated all my old posts here, but none of the comments (yet). I may move the comments at a later point in time. I've also copied over a couple of facebook notes that I think are worth coping over.

Why sparkslabs ? Well, was taken many many moons ago, and it just seemed nice to have an URL with my name in. After all if other people create services which have my surname as their name, why not? :-)

The reason for kicking my blog back into gear is because I've got a bunch of opinions which people ask for, and would be better put on a blog for other people to comment on, critique and improve (after all, I don't claim to be correct, just hope to be), and putting them here, rather than behind a privacy wall seems more appropriate - it's a foil to my twitter account I guess :-)

Anyway, if you came here direct from a tweet, the root is back here.

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