Day 3 - Living Below the Line (Food Diary)

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So, end of Day 3. So here's the food diary for today..

Again, if this is the first time you're seeing this, some context:

    From 23-28 July, I'm Living below the line - £6 for 6 days food (total) in order to raise awareness of food poverty in the UK, and more specifically, I'm aiming to try and raise as large a proportion of £2500 as possible. (That would help 100 families in need in manchester).

    For more info, and/or to sponsor me, please visit/share this justgiving link.

    If you can't sponsor, please share the justgiving link!

Anyway, as I said, here's today. (And as before, RDA calories for me is 2327...)

Day 3: Tuesday 25 July 2017 - 2101 Kcal

Much like yesterday, I'm using 3 flasks to take tea/etc to work

Morning - 388 Kcal


  • Tea - from teapot (2 teabags left in pot overnight with hot water), microwaved Remainder of tea was also microwaved/boiled, put in flask with 2 teabags. Then teaport refilled to brew during day...
  • 1 slice jam sandwich
  • 1 ginger nut


  • Tea - from flask (The topped up). Incredibly strong (since tea made from strong tea...)
  • Mid Morning - Porridge from flask

Afternoon - 563 Kcal

  • One of the "not pot noodle" pasta dishes from the food flask.
  • Tea (from flask)
  • 1 budget flap jack
  • Tea (from flask)
  • Squash (600ml)

Evening - 837 Kcal

  • 1/3 pack of value mash (Remainder from days 1 & 2) heated up in microwave
  • 3 sausages, cooked sunday, heated up with mash in microwave
  • 81g frozen peas (+4g marg to improve)
  • 15g Gravy (+140ml water)
  • 11g Mustard

Later in evening, watching film:

  • 5 Ginger nuts, broken up into small pieces to be a bit like popcorn :-)

Night - 356 Kcal

(Late evening really)

  • Tea
  • 2 slices of toast (marg, jam)
  • Tesco Value Chocolate Mousse
  • Glass squash


Calorie Deficit: ~200 calories

Overall very similar to yesterday. Little changes though. Toast late with a chocolate pot (which I'd almost forgotten about) was very welcome. The "budget" flapjack was nice too. Perhaps a little squidgy this time, but perhaps just means it needed to cooked for a bit longer ideally.

(Flapjacks are one of the earliest things I remember cooking for myself, so they're always a bit of a treat :) )

Calorie deficit is better today. But then eating a little less earlier in the week means I'm less likely to run out at the end of the week, which is the way round I'd prefer it personally...

Something sweet/treat before sleep is nice...

Only downside is knowing that tomorrow's food will be the same as today...

The other thing though is that it is still not satisfying. It's food. It's clearly close to the right amount of calories, but it's not satisfying.

The other thing is the Morrisons M Saver gravy & mustard really help. I added a dollop of mustard to the "not pot noodle" when I was heating it up and it added something. I might try adding some of the gravy tomorrow. I suspect I'll regret that, but worth trying :-)

Please do donate

Overall though, this is worth it. At the end of Day 2, the amount raised so far is £885. That's a really amazing amount from very generous sponsors. We could go higher though. It's 35% of where I'm aiming for...

If you'd like to help push me towards the goal of helping 100 families, in Manchester please sponsor me on justgiving.

Either way, thanks for your interest, and please share this, or the justgiving page.

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