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October 06, 2011 at 02:31 PM | categories: BBC | View Comments

Whilst there's (an awful lof of) negative in today's announcements about changes at the BBC, there's some which are positive, if incremental, steps forward:

    We believe this strategy for online, archive and connected broadcasting will help us reinvent the BBC for the digital age, through: Richer content
    • Integrating our linear and non-linear services, ensuring the full range of BBC content is available whenever and wherever audiences want Presenting and linking the BBC’s content online in new ways to create outstanding social, personal and interactive experiences
    Greater choice
    • Allowing audiences to consume BBC services seamlessly across four screens: mobile, computer, tablet and connected television Making our content permanently available by putting the best of the BBC’s back-catalogue archive online
    Open for all
    • Providing audiences universal, unfettered and free access to the full range of our content on as many devices as possible Sharing our technical platforms, metadata and code with the industry to support a creative, digital UK.

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