Europython 2010 Videos Now Online

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Just a brief note to say that all the Europython videos I and helpers recorded are now uploaded and online on Since not everyone is subscribed to mailing lists, please find below the list/summary that I sent to the list. If anyone has any objections to their talk being up, please note I will take it down. However, please note - it's there because it's great that you were willing to stand up and talk!

Also, the real thanks have to go to John Pinner, Richard Taylor and Alex Wilmer (and the rest of the crew), without whom this years' Europython wouldn't've been the same. Likewise the same can be said about the many speakers willing to step forward and talk about something they love. And many thanks to Marijn, Richard and Walter too for their fantastic help in producing these videos :-)
Europython Community -- Awards Ceremony -- Thankyou Christian Tismer

Adewale Oshineye TDD on App Engine

Ali Afshar Glashammer

Andrew Godwin Fun with Django and Databases

Austin Bingham Python from the Inside Out

Bart Demeulenaere Pyradiso

Bruce Lawson Keynote Open Standards democratising and future proofing the web

Conference Opening Comments Housekeeping

Daniel Roseman Advanced Django ORM techniques

David Read Open Data and coding

Denis Bilenko gevent network library

Donald McCarthy Python and EDA

Europython Community Awards Ceremony 4 Thanking Christian DryRun

Geoffrey Bache PyUseCase Testing Python GUIs

Guido van Rossum Appstats

Guido van Rossum Keynote

Henrik Vendelbo Real Time Websites with Python

Holger Kregel py.test rapid multipurpose testing

Jonathan Fine JavaScript 4 Pythonistas

Jonathan Fine JavaScript and MillerColumns

Jonathan Hartley Hobbyist OpenGL from Python

Kit Blake Mobi a mobile user agent lib

Kit Blake Web mobile templating in Silva

Lennart Regebro Porting to Python 3

Marc-Andre Lemburg Running Ghana VAT on Python

Mark Fink Visualizing Software Quality

Mark Shannon HotPy A comparison

Matteo Malosio Python Arduino and Mech Music

Michael Brunton-Spall Open Platform The Guardian API 1 Year On

Michael Brunton-Spall The Guardian and Appengine

Michael Foord Unittest New And Improved Part 1 of 2

Michael Foord Unittest New And Improved Part 2 of 2

Michael Sparks Arduino and Python

Nicholas Tollervey Organise a Python code dojo

Nicholas Tollervey Understanding FluidDB

Paul Boddie et al Web SIG

Paul Boddie Web Collaboration and Python

Peter Howard Aerodynamics and Pianos

PyPy Status and News Part Overview 1 of 3

PyPy Status and News Part JIT Compilation 2 of 3

PyPy Status and News Part cpyext 3 of 3

Raymond Hettinger Code Clinic 1 of 3

Raymond Hettinger Code Clinic 2 of 3

Raymond Hettinger Code Clinic 3 of 3

Raymond Hettinger Tips and Tricks 1 of 2

Raymond Hettinger Tips and Tricks 2 of 2

Richard Barrett Small The Trojan Snake

Richard Jones Keynote State of Python

Rob Collins Introduction to SMTPP

Russel Winder Keynote

Scott Wilson Flatland Form Processing

Semen Trygubenko Python and Machine Learning

Soeren Sonnenburg SHOGUN

Stefan Schwazer Robust Python Programs

Steve Holden Awards Ceremony 1 shaky

Steve Holden Awards Ceremony 2 PSF Community Service Award

Steve Holden Awards Ceremony 3 Frank Willison Award

Tomasz Walen Grzegorz Jakacki Codility Testing coders

Wesley Chun Programming Office with Python

Zeth What does it all mean

Lightning Talks:
A better pdb

Albertas upicasa

Andreas Klockner PyCUDA

Ariel Ben Yehuda cfg.parser

Brett Cannon How to properly package your apps front end code

Brian Brazil Pycon Ireland

Care Team Network

Conference Close

Ed Crewe From Shell Scripting to Config Mangagement

Experiences from Python Barcamp Cologne

Fiona Burrows Write More Games

Headroid Arduino Robot Face

Heres What I Think

Jonathan Fine The easiest quiz in the world

Jonathan Hartley Run Snake Run

Laurens Van Houtven Python + E == Mont-E

Luke Leighton A Cry For Help

Luke Leighton Pyjamas

Magic Folder File Syncing

Marc-Andre Lemburg Growing the PSF

Martijn Faassen How to Fail at Pyweek

Michael Brunton Spall Python Javascript and Ruby in half an hour

Michael Sparks Embracing Concurrency

Moin Moin 2.0

Monstrum and Mercurial For Legions

Plone Conference

Porting Skynet to Python 3

Pure Python Proxying httplib and urllib2

Python Status Information 1 of 2

Python Status Information 2 of 2

Richard Jones PyWeek

Richard Jones The Cheese Shop

Richard Taylor

Sarah Mount Open Ihm Richard Jones With Gui

Steve Holden PSF

Unladen Swallow

Zero 14

Other (aborted) lightning talks:




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