One Laptop Per Child Project Looking For Pygame Devs

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From the pygame mailing list:
From: Noah Kantrowitz [ check pygame archives for email (don't want to cause spammage) ]
Subject: [pygame] Calling all game developers

Calling all game developers! The One Laptop Per Child project needs
talented game developers to work on software for the XO laptops. Thanks
to a few awesome developers, PyGame is now up and running under Sugar
(the OLPC graphical environment) and should be included in the build
system shortly. What we need now is games geared towards children in
developing areas. Information about PyGame on the XO can be found at I
would ask anyone interested in either building new games or porting
existing ones to join the OLPC games list
( and discuss your
ideas there. This is a chance to have a major impact on the lives of
millions of children, as well as work on a unique platform. If you have
any questions please don't hesitate to email me, or ask on the games list.

--Noah Kantrowitz
OLPC Evangelist

If you know and enjoy pygame and are looking for something good and fun, it'd be well worth getting in touch.
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