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I'd like to invite anyone reading thing to come next week (its an ideal valentines day out :) and see a Bollywood inspired version of "The Mikado" at the Royal Northern College of Music (map). It's being put on by the award winning MUGSS society, and tickets start at a piffling £5 for concessions or start at £8 for the rest of us :) (more after the fold :)

Why would you want to see it?

It's going to be FANTASTIC, with a chorus of dozens and dancing numbers that just don't end. You'll never have seen The Mikado done this way nor never again. Where else can you see a giant elephant on stage in a light opera set in Japan? You can come and laugh at me on stage (I'm in the chorus) :) You will enjoy it, and anyone else you bring will too :)

When is it ?

From Valentine's day until the end of the week - Feb 14th - Feb 17th, at 7:30pm, also with a  matinee on the 17th at 2:30, so you can bring
the kids, who are bound to love it :)

The matinee will also feature BSL signing.

Where can I get tickets?

Well, it's probably too late for you to get them from me now (not necessarily though:) or book online using the RNCM's website.(or just turn up on the day). More info:

What's it about?

Well, The Mikado does have one of the more cogent plots of G&S, and its essentially a love story of hope, despair, and courage. More info:

Not interested? Please pass this on to someone who will be :)

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