Glow in the Dark Dalek Stickers

February 02, 2007 at 11:56 PM | categories: python, oldblog | View Comments

Last year at OSCON I was lambasted. Was it my talk was bad? No. Was it because the demo broke? No, I recovered from that (I showed something else cool instead :). What was the piece of sacrilege I did? I had glow in the dark stickers of K9, a TARDIS, a Dalek and Cyberman on my laptop and I had been so thoughtless not to bring some for everyone. OK, the fact that I'd had the stickers on my laptop for months didn't wash. The fact they were freebies off the cover of Dr Who Adventures didn't wash either.

Anyway, in order to make up for it, here's a public service announcement: Dr Who Adventures magazine this week has glow in the dark DALEK!!! stickers on the front. Yes, all new glow in the dark stickers. They're even brighter than last years by the looks of things. (OK, there's also a very shiny K9 and a really large shiny Dalek Zek and a whole load of other stickers too, but I know it's the glow in the dark ones we all really wanted :-) ) Now to try and find out how to get a large supply of these for the next conference....

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