Amplee using Kamaelia Web Server

December 15, 2006 at 11:27 AM | categories: python, oldblog | View Comments

Personally I think this is way cool since I didn't write any of the code :)  Sylvain Hellegouarch has written a backend for Amplee that uses the Kamaelia Web Server which I referenced a new tutorial for in a previous post. What is Amplee? From the Amplee site:
  • amplee is a Python implementation of the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP), as specified in the current draft 11.
The integration comes as two files - one is a amplee's, the other is the file with the Amplee/Kamaelia Web Server Code.

My intention now as a result of seeing this is to look at providing a WSGI interface to using the Kamaelia Web Server. Initially this will be basic integration, but beyond that it would be interesting to expose Kamaelia capabiities to web developers. (Especially given this can run client side) Now I've never used WSGI, but seeing that this works, and seeing that amplee can also use a WSGI based server, this strikes me as an opportunity to say that any help that anyone can give with WSGI integration would be particularly cool.

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