Manchester Geek/Tech/etc Events coming up

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Some links or else I'll forget
  • Nov 14th - Geek Up (similar to london 2.0 AFAICT)
  • Nov 18th - ManLUG. I suspect me turning up after all these years might be a bit of a shock for some :)
  • Nov 23rd - NW Start Up 2.0 - Starting an internet business? Seasoned entrepreneur? Got the killer idea? Wondering what the 2.0 this and 2.0 that is all about? Looking for investment? Looking to invest? ... Come along to the north-west's first and premier 2.0 networking event for an evening of conversation and potential dealmaking.
  • Dec 2nd - DNSCon - DNS9 is the ninth running of the data and network security council conference. This being the annual meeting of UK security professionals and interested individuals. The UK’s longest running open information security conference provides an opportunity to find out about new threats to information security. Now in Manchester instead of blackpool.
    running concurrently with...
  • Dec 1st-3rd - Continuity - Continuity is a free security convention open to anyone with a interest in computer security, hacking, phone phreaking, telephony, cryptography, internet security/privacy, urban exploration, social engineering and related subjects.
  • Also Manchester 2600 - The Manchester 2600 meet takes place on the first friday of every month. It is aimed at everybody with an interest in computer security, telephony, hacking, phone phreaking, cryptography, internet security/privacy issues and related subjects.
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