Some links I need to follow up on.

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Been a very interesting evening in many respects. Some links I need to follow up on as a result follow:

Some summer of code project lists that we can work forward from:

Shuttleworth foundation had a meeting which amongst other places had a thread of discussion resulting on edu-sig. The whole discussion there has a number of interesting implications, especially when you consider Kamaelia is a number of steps already along that path.

Beyond that though there are a number of topics being discussed on edu-sig which imply I should really subscribe, esp given that Kamaelia could align with them very well (ie be useful for those things), and I know of at least one person inside the beeb who might support it. (maybe :-)

Summer of code deadline is 1 week earlier than anticipated (lack of line break in a specific place caught me out).

lac noted on #pypy that Strakt would find Matt's whiteboard sketcher useful, and asked why we weren't making announcements on c.l.p.a. My excuse of "too busy" seems a bit lame in retrospect. The level of "wow, that'd be useful", really implies that we really should push that up the "let's release that as a standalone" bundle. It's also likely to be hit by a similar reaction by people at work, meaning it should really happen.

I mentioned that we'd really like to see rpython extended to handle generators, lac mentioned this is something that can happen at the sprint in Iceland which is May 21-28th, so I probably won't be able to go, but Matt could potentially. lac also suggested speaking to Steve Holden about it to help set the focus for the sprint - which has been described so far thus .

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