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What job does this do?

This project allows you to take networked control of the IOT devices that you own in a standardised manner, allowing them to be combined together to form useful systems.

It allows you to create new devices with IOT capabilities trivially, and allows you to work with devices that have IOToy capabilities trivially. Be they robots, toys, or coffee machines.

What does it do?

It provides the following:

The guiding philosophy of each part of the API is that it should be usable by casual and novice developers. For example, if you already have a functioning Arduino style device, the time to take that and put that on the local network is around 20-30 minutes. (Assuming familiarity with the libraries)

Example devices created using IOToy:

Example usage of Web API:

from iotoy.local import robot

ON = 1
robot.led = ON
if robot.sensor >255:

print robot.sensor.__doc__

Sample Device Description Derived from Device

This API is entirely derived from the device itself, and used to automatically create the sort of Web API above.

$ python
Python 2.7.6 (default, Mar 22 2014, 22:59:56) 
[GCC 4.8.2] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from iotoy.local import testhosttiny
>>> testhosttiny

>>> help(testhosttiny)
{ Screen shows help from the introspected device }
>>> pprint.pprint(testhosttiny.devinfo)
{u'attrs': {u'drive_forward_time_ms': {u'help': u'How long to move forward',
                                       u'href': u'/drive_forward_time_ms',
                                       u'type': u'int'},
            u'ratio': {u'help': u'Sample float attribute',
                       u'href': u'/ratio',
                       u'type': u'float'},
            u'some_flag': {u'help': u'Sample bool attribute',
                           u'href': u'/some_flag',
                           u'type': u'bool'},
            u'str_id': {u'help': u'Sample str attribute',
                        u'href': u'/str_id',
                        u'type': u'str'},
            u'turn_time_ms': {u'help': u'How long to turn',
                              u'href': u'/turn_time_ms',
                              u'type': u'int'}},
 u'devicename': u'testhosttiny',
 u'funcs': {u'barecommand': {u'help': u'test, basic command, no arg/result',
                             u'href': u'/barecommand',
                             u'type': '',
                             u'value': {u'name': u'barecommand',
                                        u'spec': {u'args': [],
                                                  u'result': []}}},
            u'no_arg_result_T': {u'help': u'test, one arg, generic type',
                                 u'href': u'/no_arg_result_T',
                                 u'type': '',
                                 u'value': {u'name': u'no_arg_result_T',
                                            u'spec': {u'args': [],
                                                      u'result': [[u'result',
            u'no_arg_result_bool': {u'help': u'test, one arg, boolean',
                                    u'href': u'/no_arg_result_bool',
                                    u'type': '',
                                    u'value': {u'name': u'no_arg_result_bool',
                                               u'spec': {u'args': [],
                                                         u'result': [[u'result',
            u'no_arg_result_float': {u'help': u'test, one arg, float',
                                     u'href': u'/no_arg_result_float',
                                     u'type': '',
                                     u'value': {u'name': u'no_arg_result_float',
                                                u'spec': {u'args': [],
                                                          u'result': [[u'result',
            u'no_arg_result_int': {u'help': u'test, one arg, integer',
                                   u'href': u'/no_arg_result_int',
                                   u'type': '',
                                   u'value': {u'name': u'no_arg_result_int',
                                              u'spec': {u'args': [],
                                                        u'result': [[u'result',
            u'no_arg_result_str': {u'help': u'test, one arg, string',
                                   u'href': u'/no_arg_result_str',
                                   u'type': '',
                                   u'value': {u'name': u'no_arg_result_str',
                                              u'spec': {u'args': [],
                                                        u'result': [[u'result',
            u'one_arg_T': {u'help': u'test, one arg, generic type',
                           u'href': u'/one_arg_T',
                           u'type': '',
                           u'value': {u'name': u'one_arg_T',
                                      u'spec': {u'args': [[u'attr', u'T']],
                                                u'result': []}}},
            u'one_arg_bool': {u'help': u'test, one arg, boolean',
                              u'href': u'/one_arg_bool',
                              u'type': '',
                              u'value': {u'name': u'one_arg_bool',
                                         u'spec': {u'args': [[u'myarg',
                                                   u'result': []}}},
            u'one_arg_float': {u'help': u'test, one arg, float',
                               u'href': u'/one_arg_float',
                               u'type': '',
                               u'value': {u'name': u'one_arg_float',
                                          u'spec': {u'args': [[u'myarg',
                                                    u'result': []}}},
            u'one_arg_int': {u'help': u'test, one arg, integer',
                             u'href': u'/one_arg_int',
                             u'type': '',
                             u'value': {u'name': u'one_arg_int',
                                        u'spec': {u'args': [[u'myarg',
                                                  u'result': []}}},
            u'one_arg_int_result_int': {u'help': u'test, one arg, one result, both ints',
                                        u'href': u'/one_arg_int_result_int',
                                        u'type': '',
                                        u'value': {u'name': u'one_arg_int_result_int',
                                                   u'spec': {u'args': [[u'myarg',
                                                             u'result': [[u'result',
            u'one_arg_str': {u'help': u'test, one arg, string',
                             u'href': u'/one_arg_str',
                             u'type': '',
                             u'value': {u'name': u'one_arg_str',
                                        u'spec': {u'args': [[u'myarg',
                                                  u'result': []}}}}}


The codebase is relatively mature, but light on examples. You can use the system now to build interesting and useful systems.


The source is on github. The original release is here:

Ongoing development is here:

As always, feedback, usecases, devices very welcome.

Influences / Why write this?

This library is in part created to enable trying to answer the question "what is the internet of my things". Some of the resulting ideas were so compelling that I work on this in my own time.

Is this the Day Job?

No (that's something else). When I thought of this, it was a 20% project -- ie 1 day a week allocated to another team for a period of about 6 months. Most of the development period came after that time frame.

Is this part of any larger project?

Not at this time.

Are there packages?

Yes, please see the resources page.

Release History

Release History:

Updated: Feb 2018
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