Blog Extras

Blog Extras

Where’s the Code?

I realised recently that while blogs are nice to read, when they contain code, it’s nice to just be able to run the code that’s talked about in the post. This is particularly true with the recent series of posts on coroutines. So, I’ve decided to start putting code from recent posts into a single supporting repo. For the moment, it just contains the code from the coroutines post, but more will be added later.

Since there may also be non-code related things added, I’m calling it “Blog Extras”.

That repo can be found here:

The code supporting the recent coroutines posts can be found here:

And the recent coroutines posts can be found here:

Seems easier for me and easier for others too.

I’m not yet replicating the posts themselves in the that repo - I’m in two minds about that – disqus supports conversations better IMO!

Updated: 2023/11/04 13:19:50