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Well, 2 weeks since the last post of this type, so this is a bumper edition. As before it's a collection of things I thought interesting and worth blogging about. Some of them are things I would previously have tweeted as interesting links, others are here because if like come back them some point.

This post also (naturally) includes links to things I've written since the last one these:

Some general reads

Programming languages don't stay still. There's a new breed out there at the moment, of which I think Rust and Julia are must interesting. Nimrod caught my attention for the comparison angle. Python, Ruby, JavaScript won't always hold the roost so there question is always 'where next?' Hack - from Facebook also looks interesting (and reminds me of Cython)

Some really interesting code resources for kids and those who teach them popped up...

Some generally interesting technical posts

Some interesting issues relating to the brains of programmers, from which parts the brain they use when coding (not where some people might expect), how pressures from coding drive people CRAZY - due things like unrealistic expectations, and overwork, along with debunking the whole left brain/right brain nonsense:

Finally a neat site with a large collection of free (as in libre and gratis) fonts, searchable usage type:

Is there anything that's caught your eyes in the past two weeks that I've not mentioned here? If so I'd be really interested to hear about it!

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